With a strong focus on performance we have designed our products to match customer requirements and the industry needs.
The rubber moulding is completed in-house, assuring full traceability and closely monitored quality inspection, in line with our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Programme.


Vee Packing

One of our most popular product ranges and is used in Lock Mandrels, Landing Nipples, Gas Lift Valves and Safety Valves.

Our seals are also used in Pressure control equipment, giving our customers confidence to perform well interventions in the most difficult of conditions.

Gas Lift Packing 2.png

Gas Lift Packing

Used in Gas Lift Valves, our GLPs are of the highest standard as we are approved OEM vendors.

Chevron Packing Stack.png

Chevron Stacks & Packing

This high performance packing can withstand high pressure and abrasive environments. We provide these in high-spec elastomers, PTFE and PEEK.



We manufacture o-rings, back-up rings and other custom seals in a variety of materials.



Provide a pressure seal in static & dynamic applications

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Packer Elements

Available in a wide range of sizes & materials, our Packer Elements can be built to suit any need


Bonded Seals

Rubber to metal bonded components are an important part of our business. Our techniques have been tried and tested over a number of years and we have worked on a variety of different projects.


Pintle Belts & Pads

Used in food processing applications, where gentle handling is of paramount importance.


D Rubbers

Provide an excellent barrier protection for a range of vehicles

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Custom Mouldings

Custom Mouldings are a key part of our business and our experience across a wide variety of industrial applications is a useful asset for our customers. Our manufacturing capacity extends to a maximum size of 1.8m x 2.2m x 0.4m.


Seals for Pressure Control Equipment

A full range of sealing products is manufactured including Inner and Outer Seals, Stuffing box Packing, Blow-out Plugs and Pack-offs

Inner Seals


Outer Seals


Stuffing Box Packing