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For more than 25 years, the Can-Tech Elastomers philosophy has been to develop and maintain first class customer relationships to the benefit of all our stakeholders.
Taking the time to truly understand our customers’ requirements is the first step in that process. Experience, innovation and commitment enable us to convert that understanding into deliverable products with high quality service.

We believe in the concept of value before cost. Can-Tech Elastomers does not set out to be the lowest price producer. Our aim is to add value to our business by adding value to our customers’ businesses through efficient processes of design, production, innovation and application of materials technology.

Designing and manufacturing seals, specialist rubber and composite products, primarily for the critical oil and gas industries, is not without its challenges. It is a time-critical industry, where the cost of delays or poor quality can be astronomical. But, over the years, our team has developed the mindset, skills and processes to be responsive and deliver where it really counts. That might explain why many of our customers have remained loyal to our brand for years, even decades!

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Mission Statement

Our aim is to grow our business, and provide value to all our stakeholders, by continuing to produce efficient and effective products that meet or exceed our customer’s expectation on quality, performance and service.

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